Expedition Accommodations


Type: Immersion Retreat


Each of our American safari tents boasts an airy space with a queen size bed and fully furnished amenities, hangers, towels, and soft bedding down comforters. Our 4 x 6 meter canvas tents provide plenty of space, including a shaded veranda for each guest, LED lighting and on site generators for full service. Tents surround our dining and spa lounges, fire pits, and wellness areas with enough separation for privacy. Perfect to join in the adventure itinerary as much or as little as your desire. Each accommodation is outfitted to provide comfort and luxury in amazing natural settings.

Each location is set up as a curated base camp intertwined with our location. Accommodations may vary from the deserts, mountains, to forests, tree tops, and partnering luxury accommodations in Costa Rica, California, and Morocco.

We provide base camp accommodations for a minimum of 8 people, average max of 20 people up to 50 people with our additional Expeditions For Hire.

Contact us to get set up direct at adventure@latitudethirtyeight.com  or 801.867.2452

* Every base camp is an all inclusive accommodation, including all meals, drinks, (alcoholic and non) guides, daily tours & outings, full showers and bathrooms, lounges, service staff, hosts, experts, amenities, comfort, trip support, and transportation. (from pick up location)

* Full payment(s) due 60 days before departure.