Welcome To The World of Adventure

Join the interactive social good experience via the Cash Your Adventure app. Launching soon in beta with our nonprofit partners. This is at the core of creating your own digital outdoor journal while supporting, fitness, adventure, the outdoors and industry scholarships. Chosen submissions go to those looking to create a living in the outdoor industry, get training and contribute to a growing future adventure and tourism.
The concept is simple. Select the Dollar Charity Club option to support the app adventure scholarships with $1 per month, going towards individual or nonprofit submissions. Then engage, share your outdoor photos, favorite locations, or favorite crowd supported individual for a scholarship. Share, drive reach and feed your adventure content. With a crowd, we can all make a difference, for $1 per month. We've seen the the power of the outdoor industry's ability to make a difference. We are a wild bunch, and proud of it. Sign up to be notified of the app beta launch and start driving your own story line, one where you get to decide where the scholarships go, and support the future of more qualified and trained outdoor pros and those growing into the industry. This is a journey of adventure using digital content, and crowd support in the places where we go to feel inspired. The wild outdoors.