Latitude Thirty Eight is a multi site tour company that pairs fitness, wellness, culture and luxury on every tour. We curate every itinerary and work with you pre and post trip to ensure you have gained all you desired, and are hitting your fitness goals. If you would like to work with our fitness experts after your tour, we have options for remote training, videos, and one and one's to continue your inspiration.

You will see we have only a few key trips throughout the year that allows us focus on our goal. In addition we have six inspired trips that focus on a goal oriented itinerary. Each time you chose to explore with us you can be assured you are in the hands of experts, and will enjoy our fitness based training, boot camps, nutrition, outdoor adventures, and fireside comforts.

Book your fitness and wellness tour with us in breathtaking national parks worldwide, while also giving back with every breath you take. Expect daily adventures including, heli tours, dune surfing, tribal reservation out backing, photo safari's, rappelling, secret slot hikes, survival challenges, thermals, hummer tours, and other urban outings. We are always waiting for you at base camp. See you on tour!

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