Latitude Thirty Eight offers key elements of the traditional camping moments with added amenities. Luxury elements like a portable spa, cocktail bar, comfortable linens, and fireside cuisine that will rival some of your favorite restaurants. The accommodations are a private luxury pop up for your comfort and privacy. But enough about us. Let's talk about you. 

We feel that the bond between couples deserves a special acknowledgment and a retreat all to themselves. You will enjoy luxury, adventure, beautiful landscapes, couples challenges, pampering, advisors, physical outings, entertainment and more. Each detail is thought of so you can focus on you. What better way to test your compatibility if your are dating, or ensure your support in a long term relationship, than the good old outdoors? Take the challenge. 

We always create an itinerary that include fitting departures from the average getaway. Not only is our local sustainability and ecosystem in mind but so is your sustainable relationship. Whether you are in the first stages of dating or enjoying years of marriage, our couples retreats focus on the relationship elements that create a bond. We bring in the best guides, advisors, and interactive activities to ensure you find the next level of personal and relationship success. 

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