Latitude 38 supports parks for kids with National Parks #EveryKid

What have you achieved in the past 100 years? Considering almost none of us have been around for 100 years, we can only say how proud we are to be celebrating the 2016 Centennial of the National Parks Service this year. Their work has been priceless to our nation, and billions of visitors who are awestruck at so many of our parks. We've had astounding experiences with clients in Utah's canyons, trails and back country on tours, that have allowed the appreciation for the outdoors, and our goal of creating an active, adventurous lifestyle. 

2016 kicks of many new projects and tours for us, but also getting behind the message that #EveryKid deserves to visit our National Parks and be outside. That's why we like to challenge you to create your own team to raise funds for 4th graders to get outside and gain more interest in our natural wonders. Teams can compete, or share projects, but the point is for nonprofits and schools to push the boundary for their own location. We hope to see you out there, and support our National Parks. You can make a difference and here is how:

NPS Centennial with Outdoor Foundation - Create Your #ParksForKids Fundraiser now

To commemorate and celebrate the National Park Centennial, the Outdoor Foundation and Outdoor Industry Association have launched a major campaign that is galvanizing the outdoor industry as well as other sectors and the public in a collective effort to fund local projects that connect young people with parks.

A centerpiece of the campaign will support the ‘Every Kid in a Park’ initiative, which was announced by the White House this year and has the goal of providing an opportunity for every 4th grade student in the country to visit a National Park or one of 2,000 federally managed lands and waters nationwide.

The Foundation and Association’s campaign goal is to connect at least 100,000 kids with meaningful park experiences – leading to ongoing outdoor activities and ultimately a nation of outdoor enthusiasts.

The Need
While on average it only costs $10 per student to visit a National Park or other federal public lands, many schools don’t have the financial resources to ensure that every 4th grader has a valuable park experience.

The Solution
Working with a range of partners, the Outdoor Foundation and Outdoor Industry Association want to make it easy for anyone to give any amount and help get a 4th grade student, a 4th grade class or even an entire school of 4th graders to a park.

The campaign’s online ‘marketplace’ platform, hosted by Crowdrise, is the destination that connects funders from the outdoor industry and other sectors with specific park experience projects. Created by schools or their nonprofit partners, the online project profiles includes photographs, park experience descriptions, park location, number of youth reached and fundraising goal. With a few clicks, funders can give $1 or $100,000 to the project(s) that most inspires them.

When a project reaches its funding objective, the Outdoor Foundation will release the funds to the school or nonprofit partner -- connecting a nation of 4th graders with valuable park experiences.

Leveraging its grant-making and management experience, the Outdoor Foundation ensures that the school or nonprofit partner is a qualified organization and able to deliver the park experience, award raised funds and share project success stories with funders.

In addition to the ‘Every Kid in a Park’ 4th grade focus, the campaign will feature and support larger ‘signature programs’ that connect young people of all ages, especially those in underserved and urban communities with National Parks. These projects are part of a partnership program between the Outdoor Foundation, National Park Service and its River and Trails Conservation Assistance Program.

Outdoor Industry Association and Outdoor Foundation and its partners will launch the Centennial Campaign with an initial investment of $250,000 – giving school and nonprofit partners a kick start to their fundraising efforts and challenging the outdoor industry and other sectors to join the campaign. As part of this commitment and to kick off the campaign, the Foundation will award $100 to the first 100 projects that sign up.

How It Works:
1. School and nonprofit partners register and create their campaign profile that describes their project and fundraising need.
2. Working with Outdoor Industry Association and Outdoor Foundation, partners promote their project by sharing a unique URL with potential funders.
3. In preparation for the park visit, partners should go to the ‘Every Kid in a Park’ website to learn more about the initiative and download free park passes.
4. Once the fundraising goal is met, the partner is prompted to submit a few verification documents (i.e. w-9 and letter from participating school) to the Outdoor Foundation.
5. The Foundation will release funds within 30 days of receiving the information.
6. Every Kid in a Park becomes a reality!

1. Only schools and nonprofits are eligible.
2. The park experience must engage 4th graders.
3. The park experience must happen on participating federal lands and water in 2016. CLICK HERE to see all of the agencies and locations supporting Every Kid in a Park.
4. All funds should be used for direct park experience expenses.

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Originally published by The Outdoor Industry Foundation on crowdrise for the OIA. Find our how to participate and the rules to get involved.