It has been a pleasure to continue to grow our luxury outings, sponsors, our audience base, our love of the outdoors and continue to connect with amazing coaches and guides. Our curated teams will be part of our key part of our tours. We have a large purpose to change our immediate spheres with social enterprise and create impact that matters to individual lives. Your travel dollars go far with us, not only because we give back locally, and globally, and provide the top outdoor gear, but our newest partnership was grown from a trip of fate and connection with ethnic hill tribes in Vietnam. Find out more on what we are doing to support style with a cause and give percentages back to social enterprise in Vietnam. Our latest press release below.

Local business owners collaborate with international non profits to encourage customers to #WearYourPurpose and create ethical spending that gives back purchase percentage for women, children and sustainable travel

Salt Lake City, UT December 1st, 2015 -- The style with a cause initiative launches this month with a new ecommerce store and local promotions at, showcasing ethnic tribal fashions for the everyday person. After an inspiring trip to Vietnam, fate brought Utah business owner and nonprofit leaders together to create these ethical imports. Encouraging shoppers to spread the word, and #WearYourPurpose with a global reach is gaining traction with holiday purchases that return 10 percent of everything sold to Sapa Ochau. This directly supports the education and independence of women and children of ethnic hill tribes and supports their non profit, while providing locals with giving and unique style. Just $500 - $1000 per month can provide Sapa Ochau with sustainable support and ability to help girls and women envision career paths, and get training to create local social enterprise.

“I believe in investing in our dreams and helping promising youth find opportunities to be individuals and have their talents shine. This is something we all need.” says Liz Galloway, founder Miao + Co. and Latitude 38 Luxury Tours. This launch is a partnership with world luxury tours that support social enterprise with base camps like Latitude 38 tours.

Future events for Miao + Co., are planned for February 2016 in partnership with the SLC Hub of Travel Plus Social Good, with a small pop up shop, and quarterly public events to teach awareness for sustainable and ethical travel around the world. Events will lead guests through a transforming evening to bring the public and travel industry peoples together for purposes such as the #WearYourPurpose style initiative and leave more than footprints behind travel. They invite shoppers to do good, increase their reach and enjoy the 2015/2016 fashion season.

Style with a cause is designed for the women audience who love to embrace travel, culture, adventure and giving back. Miao + Co. has a select showcase of bags and jewelry, with more items on their way, to share with locals, events, media, and continue to push the style with a cause initiative.

For more information log on to or @ethnicmiaoandco on instagram

About style with a cause                                                                                                            

This is a cause and a movement designed to empower and inspire women through fashion and beauty. People can know their style dollars are making a difference, and they can come together to share beautiful and unique ethnic products.

About Miao + Co.                                                                                                                
Mission: To enhance the lives of women and children in ethnic hill tribes and the lives of their families with increased knowledge, training and social enterprise. This is a global effort to create change with ethical shopping and travel with a wider reach. This is in conjunction with nonprofit Sapa Ochau, a recognized and respected Sapa organization for ethnic tribal support. Primarily self funded Miao + Co., is increasing the Sapa Ochau message on a wider scale, and marketing of a line of quality fashion items created by the tribes women and their handicraft shop.

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