Fresh Ideas To Feed Your Adventurous Spirit

O.K, we are partial to helicopters -- being a student pilot now -- and taking the reigns when it comes to riding the waves of any adventure you can get your hands on! Helicopter sightseeing to your private vineyard tasting, then off to rappelling and more thrills is a norm on our tours, but here are also a few other outings to seek. Get out there and adventure, because place, circumstance cost, nor age, ever stopped a determined person. Check out the Women's Adventure article below.

If you’re like most active women, you probably have a long list of things you want to try. Whether you call this your bucket list, your adventuring to-do list or some other name entirely, these feats are practically begging you to attempt them. Skydiving, mountain climbing and hang gliding—check, check and check, right? To give you some truly fresh ideas, we’ve steered clear of the usual suggestions. Below are some unconventional ideas that will feed your adventurous spirit.

4 Unconventional Activities to Add to Your Adventuring To-Do List

Take Your Best Shot

Are you looking for something that calls for concentration and precision and will make you feel powerful? The mental and physical aspects of going shooting can be a great release for any busy woman. If you’re a newbie to the world of guns and ranges, consider going plinking for your first foray. In this casual version of shooting, you’ll use a BB gun or air rifle to take aim at targets such as water balloons, glass bottles and tin cans. You can have fun while experiencing the delight of hitting your mark. Added bonus: You’ll gain confidence with firearms.

Play Super Hero

Have you heard of water jetpacking? It’s exactly what it sounds like—you take flight courtesy of a water jetpack. Once you’ve gone through the proper training, you can don your water jetpack and transform into an aerial version of Wonder Woman. You can hover over the water, fly and even dive underwater. What could possibly be better suited for a bucket list than this?

Go Airborne

Did the thought of flying get your enthusiasm surging? If so, we’ve got another idea for you. Don’t just take a flight; learn how to fly a helicopter. Helicopters are a complex type of aircraft and require a lot of training and brainpower out of their pilot. Start by finding an airport near you that offers training courses, and then get excited about the air time you’ll spend with your instructor. He or she will be there to correct any mistakes and make sure your helicopter stays airborne, but you’ll slowly get to take over more and more of the controls yourself. If that isn’t exhilarating, we don’t know what is.

Try Acupuncture

You know it’s important to keep yourself physically, mentally and spiritually healthy. You may turn to natural foods, Western exercises or Eastern medicine to keep yourself fine-tuned in these areas. But whatever your typical go-to methods are, have you tried acupuncture?

The traditional Chinese medicine approach of strategically inserting tiny needles into specific parts of your body may not seem like something for a bucket list. But it’s often fear or a lack of knowledge that keeps people way from experiencing its benefits. Acupuncture can relieve migraines, reduce allergy symptoms, increase quality of sleep, support weight loss and more. If you haven’t given this a try, go for it. The needles are nearly microscopic and a qualified practitioner will make you feel instantly at ease.

If you’re a daring, active woman who lives by the phrase “carpe diem,” these ideas for you. What are you waiting for?

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| March 13, 2015 |